Numero Group: By The Numbers

In our continual quest for unearthing new material, it’s inevitable that we would cross paths with like-minded travelers also seeking to bring obscure music back to the masses.  We were lucky enough to become friends with Canadian music producer Jason Flower, who runs the Supreme Echo label.  After talking to him for a bit about his upcoming projects, we were intrigued by what he called an “Arctic Metal” record, made by Inuit eskimos!  We were so intrigued in fact that we offered to pick up over half of the 657 copies he planned to make, to help get them out into stores across the United States.

Originally released in 1985 as an academic, library only release of 500 copies, Northern Haze’s “Sinnaktuq” has quite a fascinating story.  Born on the land to Nomadic parents and later settled in the hamlet community of Igloolik, these childhood friends grew up learning…

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